CEN/TC 445

Digital Information Interchange in the Insurance Industry

The Technical Committee TC 445 of the European Standardization Organization CEN develops standards in the field of digital information interchange for the European insurance industry.

This applies to processes in policy administration (quotation, offer, application, transfer of contract and premium data, premium and commission statement, party and contract changes, search and information services for party and contract) and in claims handling (notification, verification, assessment, authorization, settlement and reimbursement, recovery, status information).

Standardization is focused on the digital information interchange which connects insurance companies with their customers and their market partners, e.g. brokers, sales organizations, portals, service providers, and other insurers. All lines of business in the insurance industry are considered, such as life, health, property and casualty.

The developments of CEN/TC 445 are based on the Core Component Library of UN/CEFACT (more information here) and on the results of the former CEN Work Group eEG7 (more information here).

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The official CEN/TC 445 information and business plan are here.

Newsletter 2017

For more information download the Newsletter here.


See an interview with the Chair of TC 445 here.

Newsletter 2018

For information on the actual standardization project "Transfer of electronic Documents" download the Newsletter here.

Newsletter 2019

For information on the planned standardization projects:
    >  "Implementation Specification for EN 17419"
    >  "Mapping of Insurance Premium Invoice to EN 16931 Electronic Invoicing"
download the Newsletter here.

EN 17419-1

The European standard EN 17419-1:2020 "Transfer of electronic Documents - Process and Data Model" was published by CEN in November 2020 (see here). The standard is available from the national standards organizations.

TR 17419-2

The technical report FprCEN/TR 17419-2 "Implementation of EN 17419-1 in Open API 3.0 specification" is in the final voting process until June 2021 (see here).

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